Preclinical Services | START Patient Tumor Model Program

The START Patient Tumor Model Program was created to accelerate drug discovery and development for treatment of cancer by generating models more representative of the disease and to optimize patient selection for future clinical trials of new agents by identifying predictive biomarkers through genomic and gene expression analysis.

This program is coordinated by the START Preclinical Research Group. Fresh tumor samples are collected from participants and immediately engrafted into specially bred mice. Once grown, tumors are banked and tissue collected for molecular analysis. These tumor models are then available for drug sensitivity studies and results can be correlated to a patient’s clinical response and assist in clinical study selection when appropriate.

The goal of the START Patient Tumor Model Program is to create new and better models of human cancer and make them available to all oncology researchers collaborating with START, ranging from academia to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, with the joint mission to accelerate the understanding of the biology of cancer and the discovery and application of new therapies for the treatment and cure of cancer.



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